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5 Ways To Ensure Your Guests Have The Best Stay Possible

5 Ways To Ensure Your
Guests Have The Best
Stay Possible

There’s no doubt that the most important people in the hospitality industry are the guests. They have the power to rip away business from you at the drop of a hat, so it’s crucial that you provide them with a pleasant and memorable experience.
Here are 5 sure-fire ways to ensure your guests have the best stay possible:

#1 Simplify The Check-In/Check-Out Process

Try to make your check-in process as streamlined as possible. You can do this by collecting payment at the point of booking, eliminating paper-work and being organised enough so that you have everything ready for your guests before they arrive. Similarly, ensure that your check-out process isn’t long-winded and boring. Simply ensure that room keys are returned, any outstanding payments are made then wish your guests a safe journey home. You could follow up with an email requesting feedback, this often works best alongside an incentive of some sort.

#2 Manage Guest Expectations

One of the biggest expectations of guests is cleanliness, making sure that your hotel rooms are thoroughly cleaned before and after occupancy is crucial. As well as this, it’s important to offer your guests a variety of amenities to make their stay a little more comfortable. For tourists, guest information folders are great for providing information about hotel services, the local area and attractions. A kettle, iron, hangers and a hair dryer will be expected by most guests, particularly business travellers.  A welcome tray offering complimentary tea and coffee won’t go amiss either!

#3 Provide A Personalised Experience

Taking the time to get to know your guests can go a long way. This could mean anything from hand-written welcome notes to offering activity packs for guests arriving with children. If possible, tailor your booking system to get as much information as possible from your guests regarding why they are in the area, if they’re staying for a special occasion, business trip or holiday. Determining why your guest is with you will allow you to provide additional information that is relevant to them.

#4 Offer Complimentary Products

Offering a range of hotel toiletries is a great way of enhancing the guest experience. How many times have you been on a trip and forgot something as important as shampoo? Offering something as basic as body wash and hand cream will be a welcomed addition to your guests’ room. Hotels with a large number of business travellers tend to offer a complimentary sewing and vanity kits, black carton amenities are a popular choice.

#5 Go The Extra Mile

Going the extra mile is probably one of the best ways to provide your guests with a memorable stay. This doesn’t have to be costly, it’s just about providing excellent customer service. If you know your guests have somewhere to be early in the morning, like the airport, a meeting or a local attraction, ask if they need a wake-up call or a taxi before they have to ask you.

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