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How To Keep Guests Warm In Winter

How To Keep
Guests Warm
In Winter

Creating a warm, cosy and inviting atmosphere is key for the comfort and enjoyment of guests to any hotel or B&B accommodation. So, when the temperature drops during the colder months of the year, it's vital to ramp up your efforts to induce the right kind of toasty environment that will see your guests swooning rather than shivering. Here are some top tips to make this happen.

Keeping The Chills At Bay

It goes without saying that your heating systems should be in top-working order if you want to keep the chills at bay from your guests. Make sure heating systems are regularly serviced so they are working as efficiently as they should be.

Switch Up Bedding

Summer sheets and lightweight duvets need to be put to bed once the colder months creep in, so upgrade your bedding to a higher tog rating, to take care of the colder climate. Add an extra blanket or fleece to the room for further comfort and warmth.

Small establishments of older origin might also benefit from adding thicker curtains come wintertime to better insulate a room and keep out nuisance draughts from windows.

Top-Notch Tea Service

There is nothing guests like more than coming in from the cold outside and warming up with a nice, hot drink, so make sure your tea and coffee facilities in the room are up to scratch. A selection of teas, coffees, hot chocolate, sugars and milk, and even the odd biscuit or two, will be gratefully received by guests seeking a warming pick-me-up.

Provide A Hairdryer

Hairdryers are usually found in most types of accommodation, but not always. If you're one of the few places that don't yet offer guests hair drying facilities, then now is the time to make the change. Stepping out of the shower with dripping wet hair and nothing to dry it with is sure to get guests shivering, and won't do your review ratings any favours.

An Inviting

There's nothing like a nice, long soak in the bath to invoke a warming vibe, so give your guests good reason to relax and unwind with tantalising complimentary toiletries. Bath soak products are a must, but also consider adding some soothing body lotion to the mix to give moisture to winter-ravaged skin. Make sure to provide the most luxurious hotel toiletries for the bathroom.

Warm towels

If there's anything that is sure to spoil the experience of a warming bath, it's drying yourself on a thin, limp towel. Instead, provide guests with thick, fluffy towels that they can sink into when they get out the bath or shower, as well as soft face cloths that don't come with scratchy materials.

Bathrobe and slippers

For an added dose of luxury that is sure to earn your establishment rave reviews, provide guests with a bathrobe and towelling slippers this winter to keep them warm and cosy during their stay. Typically reminiscent of spa hotels, you can still create a wellbeing vibe even if you don't have a spa, with such a simple inclusion of a bathrobe and slippers. You'll make a great impression if you opt for deluxe products rather than those made from flimsy materials. Crucially, quality options are bound to offer greater durability, even after repeated washes, compared to inferior ones.

At Hotel Complimentary Products Ltd, you'll find a great range of high-quality products that are sure to keep all of your guests cosy and warm this wintertime.

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